Heinrich Mayr Nusserhof "Elda" Vino Rosso 2014, Alto Adige, Italy - 750ml

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Description: "Elda" is dedicated to Heinrich's wife, Elda. Obtained from a blend of Schiava, Lagrein and other autochthonous varieties. The wine is made with the indigenous Schiava grape and grown on porphyry and sand. The vines are farmed organically and then slowly and gently pressed and fermented in large oak casks. Spontaneous vinification with 30 days maceration. Aging in large 20hl wood for 24 months.
“艾爾達”是獻給海因里希的妻子艾爾達。從Schiava,Lagrein 和其他土生品種的混合物中獲得。該酒是用當地的Schiava葡萄製成的,並在斑岩和沙子上生長。葡萄藤是有機耕種的,然後在大橡木桶中緩慢輕柔地加壓和發酵。浸泡30天后自然釀造。在20hl大號木材中陳年24個月

Tasting Note: The wine itself tastes a lot like Pinot Noir from a warmer vintage or climate, with interesting creamy strawberry, earth and fresh berry fruit. This is a silky, medium bodied wine that is immediately loveable and delicious with real structure and finely tuned balance.這款葡萄酒本身的口味很像黑皮諾,來自溫暖的年份或氣候,帶有引人入勝的奶油草莓,泥土和新鮮漿果。這是一種柔滑,中等的酒體,迷人的美味立即釋放,具有真實的結構和微調的平衡

Alcohol Content: 12% 酒精度:12%

Size: 750ml 容量:750毫升

Vintage can vary based on availability