Giuseppe Cocco Pasta Bucatini - 500 Grams

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Giuseppe Cocco Pasta Bucatini - 500 Grams
Giuseppe Cocco 意大利面 Bucatini - 500克

Origin: Fara San Martino, Abruzzi, Italy
Manufacturer: Cav. Giuseppe Cocco
Pasta Format: Bucatini
Cooking Time: 6 minutes

Giuseppe Cocco pasta is the most traditional Italian pasta made in Fara San Martino, Abruzzo. The pasta is given its final shape and the most complex and delicate phase starts: the drying at natural temperature. The pasta quality, nutritional features and resistance to cooking depend on accurate and careful drying. These fully manual and traditional methods require more time and space; hence the small production quantity. However the traditional pasta taste and flavor are guaranteed.
Giuseppe Cocco 意大利面是在阿布魯佐的 Fara San Martino 製造的最傳統的意大利面。麵食具有最終的形狀,最複雜,最細膩的階段開始:在自然溫度下乾燥。麵食的質量,營養特性和耐烹飪性取決於準確而仔細的干燥。這些完全手動和傳統的方法需要更多的時間和空間。因此產量小。但是,保證了傳統麵食的味道和風味

Net Weight: 500 Grams - Single Pack
淨重:500克 - 單包

Storage Conditions: Store in a cool, dry place

Shelf-life: 36 months, refer to the package