Gavi DOCG "Aurora" 2017 Roberto Sarotto, Piedmont - 750ml

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Description: The Gavi, a white wine made from 100% Cortese grapes, comes from the DOCG Gavi, which extends around the historic Fort Gavi. Gavi is also often referred to as the white jewel in the crown of Piedmont, even if the fruity light style is more reminiscent of the nearby Ligurian white wines. Roberto Sarotto produces the Gavi "AURORA" in honor of his wife Aurora, from the grapes that grow on his Tenuta Manenti estate.
描述:Gavi是由100%的Cortese葡萄製成的白葡萄酒,來自DOCG Gavi,它圍繞著歷史悠久的加維堡(Fort Gavi)延伸。 Gavi 通常也被稱為皮埃蒙特山頂上的白色珠寶,即使果味淡淡的風格更讓人聯想到附近的利古里亞白葡萄酒。羅伯托·薩羅托(Roberto Sarotto)用Tenuta Manenti 莊園種植的葡萄釀製 Gavi "AURORA",以紀念他的妻子Aurora

Tasting Note: A light golden yellow, the nose is dominated by white flowers with hints of pineapple and apricot. Lovely fresh on the palate with an acidity reminiscent of ripe apples. Perfect with white fish, lightly seasoned poultry and veal.

Alcohol Content: 12% 酒精度:12%

Size: 750ml 容量:750毫升

Vintage can vary based on availability