Frozen Segovian Piglet - about 2.5kg

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The "Horneable" range of Carnicas Tabladillo is a line of ready-to-cook products that are tasty and also very simple to prepare: it is not necessary to remove the product from the bag, specially resistant to cooking and at high temperatures, in order to preserve the tender product at all times. inside and crunchy on the outside. Fast, tasty and without dirtying anything!
An Iberian excellence and a real cult in the Castile region: the classic convivial Sunday dish to be eaten with friends and family. The local custom is to cut the pig with a serving dish: this is to test, but above all to prove to the guests present, the tenderness and looseness of the pig.

Every characteristic of the pig is followed and evaluated: it starts from the mother, healthy, fit and ready to breastfeed, and from her diet, which is fundamental because the cochinillo feeds only on mother's milk. Another important aspect is the habitat in which mother and child live: it is essential for an excellent quality product that they can be peaceful and live without stress.

All these factors mean that the only true Cochinillo de Segovia has a very light, almost white rind and a slightly pinkish flesh with unmistakable tenderness. A fundamental characteristic is therefore the internal fat, but above all the external one which, once cooked, will be crunchy and amber in color. An exquisite product, which has made many chefs fall in love and which is selected for Longino & Cardenal by Carnicas Tabladillo, a family business dedicated, for more than 50 years, to the breeding and processing of the Cochinillo of Segovia. Only the best pigs, exclusively reared by the De Maria family, for a product of the highest level.