Finocchiona Toscana IGP 1 kg
Finocchiona Toscana IGP 1 kg

Finocchiona Toscana IGP 1 kg

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Finocchiona Toscana IGP

Finocchiona Toscana IGP - one of the most famous and celebrated cured meats in Tuscany. Recognized by the IGP mark, the production of Tuscan Finocchiona is strictly regulated, using only high quality pork reared in Italy.

The traditional production methods of Finocchiona Toscana PGI are deeply intertwined with Tuscany itself and have also been appreciated by members of the Medici family and by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Its origins date back to the Middle Ages, when farmers replaced the expensive and rare black pepper with fennel seeds, perfect for flavoring meat.

The ingredients of this Tuscan salami are salt, black pepper, garlic and red wine. It is during the aging that all the unique flavors of Tuscan Finocchiona IGP develop, creating intense notes of salt, fennel and spices.

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History of the Finocchiona

The authorship of this typical Tuscan salami is claimed by both Campi Bisenzio and Greve in Chianti. Its origins go back to the Middle Ages, when, to compensate for the use of rarer and more expensive pepper, it was decided to add to the mixture of fennel seeds, more readily available, convenient and also suitable for hiding any deterioration of the meat, given their strong aroma. Chianti people usually say: as skilled hairdressers are able to make even the ugliest woman look attractive, so the aroma of finocchiona is capable of disguising the taste of even the most undrinkable wine.

The saying alludes to one curious popular custom: at the end of the 19th century the Florentine nobles who did not have cultivated land went to the countryside around Florence to buy the wine of the peasants.

These, usually very hospitable, welcomed possible customers with a good breakfast of bread, finocchiona and a glass of red wine that had to be sold. The spices and the strong aroma of finocchiona Tuscany actually served to alter the palate and confuse the sense of smell of the noble buyers who would certainly have bought the wine, evaluating it as excellent and free from defects.

Characteristics of the Tuscan Finocchiona 

Finocchiona is characterized by the aroma of fennel, present in seeds and / or flowers in the dough, and by the soft consistency of the slice that sometimes tends to crumble. The slice appears with colors ranging from flesh red in the lean parts to white / pinkish white in the fatty parts, well mixed parts and with indefinite borders with possible evidence of fennel seeds and / or flowers. The smell of Tuscan finocchiona IGP is pleasant and characteristic due to the marked aroma of fennel and light of garlic; a fresh and appetizing taste, never sour. 
Finocchiona can be used in tartare, stuffed pasta, salads, panzanella, pears and even as a cannoli for tagliatelle. There Finocchiona Toscana IGP, a must on traditional Tuscan cooking boards, it can be used in many ways, especially in everyday preparations. Starting from this assumption, ten Tuscan chefs ventured into a unique contest organized by the Consortium for the Protection of Finocchiona IGP in collaboration with the Regional Union of Tuscan Chefs. “The variety of combinations and dishes that can be created with Finocchiona IGP is remarkable” he confirms Alessandro Iacomoni, the President of the Consortium for the protection of Finocchiona Toscana IGP ”.

I answer some classic questions about the finocchiona, the first concerns the size, usually a whole finocchiona is 3 kg, so when ordering we cut a 1 kg slice and put it under vacuum then the product is placed in special food polystyrene boxes and then in our personalized cardboard box for shipping, which will be refrigerated to maintain the right storage temperature, reminding you to remove it from the vacuum 1 hour before tasting it and keep it out of the fridge to taste it at its best at least 30 minutes. If you have special needs, there is a Notes section on the order page, here write your instructions and they will be carried out.

Recipe with Tuscan Finocchiona IGP 

Crispy tagliatella cannolo with Finocchiona IGP foam - chef Franco Mazzei

Ingredients for 4 people:
200 g fresh tagliatelle or cutter
200 g mascarpone
8 thin slices of Finocchiona IGP
4 slices of Tuscan Finocchiona IGP cut about 1 cm thick
Cooking cream to taste
Salt, white pepper, extra virgin olive oil to taste


Take the noodles, divide them into 4 equal portions, spread them out and grab the central part with pliers and hold them firmly by dipping them into boiling water for a minute. Remove them and roll them around a cannoli cylinder pressing with your hand to make them adhere well together. Take the cylinder and dip it in boiling seed oil by turning it on itself to fry evenly. Take an immersion blender and put the finocchiona finely chopped a little cream. Blend and add salt, oil, pepper and mascarpone to obtain a creamy and thick mixture. Stuff the cannoli with bag a few serve with finocchiona cubes and a little sprig of sauce on the plate fennel seeds and fresh fennel.


Finocchiona and Sbriciolona

A more modern variant of Finocchiona is the so-called Sbriciolona. In reality it is the same salami, prepared in the same way and with the same flavors of fennel and red wine. The difference is in the seasoning. The sbriciolona has a short seasoning remains very coarse in the dough and is difficult to cut. Slices that are too thin are torn and ends in shreds in the bread. This is why it takes another name - Sbriciolona - which nevertheless remains an affectionate, popular name. Officially, Finocchiona remains Finocchiona even in a less seasoned version. And the goodness, apart from shreds, is identical.

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