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Terre Taggiasche dried tomatoes are prepared to start from an excellent organic tomato, picked by hand and dried strictly in the sun, without the addition of any chemical agent. They are then processed by hand, and checked one by one to ensure that the drying process has been optimal and preserved in extra virgin olive oil. This is the only way to get the best tomatoes to the consumer. Those that have ripened at the right time and have maintained all their nutritional and organoleptic properties.

They are excellent as a side dish for meat or cheese, to enrich salads, to season pasta, or simply as an appetizer on bruschetta.

The Company
The Belmonte company has been working in the olive oil field since 1905, but in 1996 Antonio took over the company and in 2011, together with Ester, founded Terre Taggiasche: it began a renewal of both agronomy and technology. The entire production cycle takes place in the company, from cultivation to processing.