Coppa di Parma Peveri Sliced - 100 Grams

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The “Coppa di Parma Peveri” stands out for its unique organoleptic qualities, offering a delicately delectable flavor due to the specific diet of the animals and their free-range rearing.
It is produced through an artisanal process that begins with selecting the most suitable cut, specifically from the pig's cervical muscle, which is then deboned to obtain a meat whose base flavor is enhanced by an effective mix of spices and aromas, highlighting its quality on the palate.
「Coppa di Parma Peveri」因其獨特的感官特性而著稱,這種美味的微妙風味源於動物的特殊飲食和放養。

The traditional processing of Coppa Piacentina follows, with special attention given to this larger-sized cut. An optimal aging period of about a year is required, facilitated by the natural microclimate characteristic of our cellars.
接著是Coppa Piacentina的傳統加工,特別注意這種大塊切割。需要大約一年的最佳熟成期,這是由我們酒窖特有的自然微氣候促成的。

A very nutritious cold cut, its slices, once cut, reveal a visual balance between lean and fatty parts, and it offers a truly pleasant taste experience.

It is exquisite on an appetizer plate, adding a delicious and distinctive note, and it is particularly inviting when used to prepare bruschetta, enriching aperitif proposals or making for an excellent snack.

Approximately 20 pieces per serving

Keep refrigerated. To consume in max 48 hours after sliced.

Please note: Each serving is base on grams, items may not be calculated in quantity
請注意: 每份都是以克為基礎,產品可能不會以數量計算