Tuscan Capocollo 850 gr
Tuscan Capocollo 850 gr

Tuscan Capocollo 850 gr

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Tuscan Capocollo 

Capocollo Toscano - a cured and handcrafted salami made in Tuscany, obtained from the whole muscle that goes from the neck to the fourth or fifth rib of the shoulder or neck of the pig.

The meats selected for this salami are exclusively Tuscan. The processing of Capocollo Toscano according to the traditional method requires salt, pepper, a thin layer of herbs, and aging in a cold cellar for at least three months.

Before tasting it, remove it from the vacuum and let it rest at room temperature for at least an hour. Once sliced, Capocollo Toscano has an intense red color and a rich and spicy taste. It melts in the mouth leaving the palate clean.

Our whole Capocollo Toscano weighs about 1.7 kg, so this 850-gram slice is half that.

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the Tuscan capocollo is the part of the pig's neck, boned, salted and wrapped with a collar (handkerchief) which is aged for 3/6 months It is presented in a cylindrical shape wrapped in an elastic net.Produced without preservatives or antioxidants, Tuscan capocollo with fennel, has parts of lean of a dark burgundy color alternating with those of fat of a delicate powder color. It has an intense scent. The flavor of this capocollo is balanced and tasty is due to the aromas that are used in the salting phase.

First I want to answer the questions that many ask me, first of all I want to tell you that the Tuscan capocollo is cut at the time of the order and vacuum-packed for storage, the product is put in special food polystyrene boxes and then in our box. in personalized shipping carton, which will be refrigerated to maintain the right storage temperature

The shipment of the Tuscan capocollo takes place within 24/48 hours after the approval of the order, in the payment methods there is also the possibility of payment on delivery.If you have particular delivery needs, please notify us at the time of order in the appropriate section NOTES for delivery: The Tuscan capocollo you buy online will be delivered vacuum-packed so you won't have any problems during the trip.

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The Tuscan capocollo is a fine cut of pork, it was wrapped fresh together with salt and aromas, especially the wild fennel flower, a plant that has always been present in our countryside.

It is traditional to consume it at Easter together with the typical “Schiacciata di Pasqua” one of the Tuscan cured meats that cannot be missed for lovers of Tuscan cured meats.


Tuscan pork, salt, pepper, wild fennel seeds, garlic.
Contains sugars. Antioxidant.

Contains no gluten sources - Contains no milk derivatives

To produce the Tuscan capocollo, the neck muscle is trimmed and degreased. At this point we proceed with the salting, which takes place by vigorously massaging the product, so that the salt, peppercorns, garlic and other spices can deeply penetrate the meat, giving it the desired taste and texture. This is a very long and delicate phase. Depending on the size of the pig and the level of maturation, it will be necessary to extend the operation to get the aromas to the center.
They are then left to rest in the special salting tanks inside the cold room. Here the ripening of the capocollo is slow and controlled and proceeds for about 40 days. At the end of this period they are removed from the brine, wrapped in a natural casing and tied tightly, it is here that the salami begins to take on its characteristic appearance. But a short hot drying period is still needed before proceeding with the actual seasoning. This phase, which lasts from four to six months, takes place inside well-ventilated rooms, where the cured meats are hung and checked one by one. It is in fact in the last few weeks that the Tuscan capocollo acquires the full organoleptic quality, that delicate and at the same time decisive taste that makes the Tuscan capocollo truly unmistakable.Salumeria Toscana is appreciated in the sale of typical Tuscan salami, and the Tuscan capocollo is certainly one of the best Tuscan cold cuts.

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