Capezzana Vin Santo di Carmignano Riserva 2011, Tuscany - 375ml

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Winemaker: Benedetta and Vittorio Contini Bonacossi
Grape Varieties: 90% Trebbiano, 10% San Colombano
Region: Carmignano, Tuscany

Description: The grapes for Vin Santo are grown on various vineyards on the 104 hectare estate. These vineyards face east, are around 150-200 metres above sea level and have schistous-clay soils. They are currently being converted to organic production. The grapes were dried on cane mats in a well ventilated loft until January. After pressing, the must fermented very slowly in small oak and chestnut casks for at least four years.
描述:Vin Santo的葡萄生長在104公頃莊園的各個葡萄園中。這些葡萄園面向東,海拔約150-200米,土壤為片狀粘土。他們目前正在轉變為有機生產。葡萄在通風良好的閣樓中的甘蔗墊上乾化至一月。榨汁後,必須在小橡木桶和栗子桶中緩慢發酵至少四年

Tasting Note: Intense golden yellow in colour with concentrated perfumes on the nose; notes of candied fruit, sweet almonds and fruit cake. Rich and intensely sweet on the palate, it has dried apricot and fig flavours which are balanced by a lovely touch of freshness. Very long and touch of spicy aftertaste lingering.

Alcohol Content: 13.5% 酒精度:13.5%

Size: 375ml 容量:375毫升

Vintage can vary based on availability