Butter Mini Buns - 35g

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Butter buns that attract for their tenderness, creaminess, and for the typical aromas of milk.

Easy and quick to prepare, they are very versatile for the creation of surprising combinations. Triticum proposes to use them as a base for a sweet creation, accompanied by cream cheese, Maresme strawberries, and mitzuna sprouts.

Delivered Chilled, Ready To Eat. Freshly baked in Italy, blast frozen and shipped to Hong Kong by air to preserve its fragrance and flavors.

The Company

Triticum was born with a simple intention: to make quality bread for the hotel and restaurant industry. It is a young and entrepreneurial company that produces pre-cooked bread for haute cuisine. It was created in 2006 and since then it has grown in terms of projects, customers and products.

TRITICUM has recovered the artisanal essence of a millennial product from the latest baking techniques and has become a benchmark in the field of bread making, as it has proven capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates.