Bucatini Grandi n° 16 Pasta, De Cecco - 500 Grams

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Traditional Italian Bucatini PGI Pasta - 500 Grams.
傳統的意大利Bucatini PGI 意大利面 - 500克

De Cecco

Traditional production methods that stay true to our over 125 years old family recipe. Since 1886 from father to son have been carrying on an important responsibility of bringing the authentic pleasure of Italian cuisine all over the world.

Bucatini (also called Perciatelli) are originally from Naples and have an elongated shape with a round cross section and are hollow inside. This type of pasta is quite versatile and also excellent with sauces made with butter, meat or fish.

Net Weight: 500 Grams - Single Pack
淨重:500克 - 單包

Storage Conditions: Store in a cool, dry place

Shelf-life: 36 months, refer to the package