Bell Pepper Sheets - pack of 10 sheets - 220g
Bell Pepper Sheets - pack of 10 sheets - 220g

Bell Pepper Sheets - pack of 10 sheets - 220g

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La Cocina de Senén was founded in 2011 with a single goal: to bring the most famous products of the Sagartoki Restaurant, led by renowned chef Senén González, and make them known all over the world. The Sagartoki Restaurant has named the best Pintxos and Tapas bar in Spain between 2005 and 2009 thanks to its innovative character and to chef Senén González’s passion for fusion cuisine full of colors, flavors and delicious combinations.

The invention of 100% vegetable sheets inspired him to introduce the concept of “Mediterranean sushi”, where instead of nori seaweed, chef Senén Gonzále created these original sheets made from vegetables from his garden, a product which later became his trademark. Chef Senén Gonzále’s mission, in fact, is not only to satisfy the palate but also the eye, with colorful recipes rich in flavor: his dishes, beautiful to look at as well as delicious to taste, made waves around Spain, becoming a true case study.

With his Mediterranean sushi, Chef Senén Gonzále was able to brilliantly take a dish of Japanese origin and combine the typical flavors of Spain and of his region, the Basque Country. A healthy and innovative product that offers an infinite range of applications: from sushi to crunchy compositions and even fresh pasta. The incredible innovation in having reshaped traditional vegetables such as spinach, bell peppers and carrots by originally offering them in thin colored sheets full of flavor, has made Chef Senén Gonzále a true guru of Iberian gastronomy.

A perfect and versatile ally, where the only limit is the chef’s imagination!

Origin: Vitoria, SPAIN

Type: Bell Pepper Sheets

Format: Bag of 10 sheets