Bag In Box - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5l Monocultivar Coratina
Bag In Box - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5l Monocultivar Coratina

Bag In Box - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5l Monocultivar Coratina

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OILALA' EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL IS A "BUY FROM ITALY" PRODUCT. Your product will be ordered in Italy a and delivered to you within 10 days. MINIMUM ORDER FROM OILALA' HKD 188.

  • Made exclusively from olives Coratina span> li>
  • For those looking for the oil from the taste and intense span> li>
  • olive Country: 2020/2021 Olio Novello span> li>
  • 100% Italian olives span> li>
  • Award-winning for its excellent quality by the most prestigious competitions in the world span> li>
  • Innovative packaging that ensures a perfect preservation of the organoleptic quality of the oil. Span> li>
  • Available while stocks span> li>
  • Forwarding: Italy, Europe, USA, Canada and the United Arab span> li>
  • Ability to pay 3 to 12 installments for orders over 500 € with SOISY span> (Request evaluated in a few minutes, only to private residents in Italy for at least three years, with regular and provable income and good credit) li> Ul>


    Try one of the best oils in the world! Strong> p>

    Bag in box: future strong> of extra virgin olive oil packaging for domestic consumption. Span> For two years now Oilalà manufactures its valuable oil using this Packaging: oil is packaged in a bag protected by an elegant and yet practical box with dispenser. span> p>

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    Once you try this preservation technique does not want to go back. The bag protects the oil from light and contact with air, which would otherwise compromise time after time the properties of the oil, as happens when you open a can and pours the contents in the various bottles. Thanks to this technology, and spills the oil from the tap, oxygen does not enter inside the container. This packaging has a ' sustainable soul strong>, unlike the classic cans on the market, thanks to its realization in easily recyclable paper. Span> p>

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    The oil inside the bag in box is our Monocultivar Coratina strong>, an extra virgin olive oil obtained from olives 100% Coratina, a ' only prized varieties of olives that gives span> oil a flavor profile more broad and valuable. Span> The Coratina, typical olive native of Apulia, creates an intense fruity oil with a great personality, rich aroma and complex, with aromas typical of tones fresh, freshly cut grass, artichoke and green tomato. In closing gives a harmonious bitterness and unique spicy. Span> p>

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    Very low acidity and very high polyphenols and tocopherols strong> have brought this oil among the best 50 in the world and its quality has been repeatedly recognized by international juries that have made him such an award-winning oil. Span> From the time of the olive harvest, which takes place between October and November, the pressing in a single continuous cold extraction cycle crusher (25 °) spend only 6 hours to ensure product freshness and the preservation of its organoleptic properties. span> p>



    Nutritional Information (Average values ​​referred to 100ml): b> Calories 821 Kcal / 3374 Kj; 94g fat, 14g of which Saturated; Carbohydrates 0g, of which Sugars 0g; Protein 0g; Salt 0g. Span> p>

    Origin of Olive: b> Italy span> p>

    Variety of olives: b> Coratina 100% span> p>

    Harvest: b> October-November span> p>

    Extraction Method: b> Crushers continuous cycle, cold extracted 25 ° span> p>

    Pressing: b> Within 6 hours of collection span> p>

    Store in a cool and dark place, away from sources of light and heat. Strong> p>

    Expiration Date: b> 18 months from date of packaging span> p>

    Packaging: b> Bag in Box span> p>

    Guarantee: 100% Italian oil - Monocultivar Coratina h3>

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