Amarone + Robust Red

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Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG “Ego Sum” 2015 Monte

The carefully selected grapes, directly in the fields, are arranged on a homogeneous layer in plateaus. The grapes dry on a time of about 100-120 days, time when they are constantly inspected, to create only the noble rots. The wines are of immediate pleasure and intense aroma, varietal and evolve with aging. The diamond of Valpolicella, full of spicy, warm and harmonious traits.

Desire Robust Red

Item No. : 1LS10RR25E
Capacity : 700 ml.
24 ½ UK oz.
20 ¾ US oz.
Over All Height : 255 mm.
Packing : 6/24
0.089 CBM

Soften the young, full structure red wine.

Oversized bowl allows the wine exposed to oxygen with bottom curl lines to increase micro-oxidation and long nose to soften the strong spicy character from young, tannic, and full structure red wines.