Barbera d'Asti Superiore DOCG "Costiliolae" 2014 Bo Massimo, Piedmont - 750ml

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Description: Massimo Bo is located in one of the most beautiful wine areas of the Italian province of Asti and of the wine region Piedmont. The area is traditionally and historically suited to wine-making, and here smooth, perfumed wines of great character are produced. This wine is produced with 100% Barbera grapes, coming entirely from the vines belonging to the winery.
描述:Massimo Bo位於意大利阿斯蒂省 (Asti) 和皮埃蒙特 (Piedmont) 葡萄酒產區最美麗的葡萄酒產區之一。該地區傳統上和歷史上都適合釀酒,這裡生產柔和的,香氣濃郁的葡萄酒很有特色。該酒由100%巴貝拉(Barbera)葡萄釀製而成,完全來自該酒莊的葡萄藤

Tasting Note: Powerful, full-bodied wine with a slightly sourish hint. Color is intense ruby red. Aroma has a hint of cherry and fruits and with spicy notes resembling cocoa and vanilla. On the palate strong aromas of cherry jam, blackberry and tobacco. Taste is harmonious and alcoholic, very delicate but whit a fine slightly sourish. Enjoy 15-30 minutes after opening.

Alcohol Content: 14% 酒精度:14%

Size: 750ml 容量:750毫升

Vintage can vary based on availability

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