Barbera d'Alba DOC 2018 La Gemella Viberti, Piedmont - 750ml

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Description: Meaning “twin,” La Gemella was created to honor the winemaker’s mother, Maria, who is a twin herself and a lover of Barbera.
描述:La Gemella 的意思是“雙胞胎”,是為了紀念釀酒師的母親瑪麗亞(Maria),她本人是雙胞胎,也是巴貝拉(Barbera)的愛好者

Tasting Note: Expressive floral tones of wild rose, fresh berries and crushed mineral. Full-bodied layers of blueberry, licorice, and earth are perfectly balanced. A vibrancy of acid, silky tannins, and lengthy finish contribute to the outstanding quality.

Alcohol Content: 14% 酒精度:14%

Size: 750ml 容量:750毫升

Vintage can vary based on availability

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