Home Made Mom’s Lasagna Tray - 2x 750g - 1.5 KG Total "Cooked"

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2x 750g full tray of Home-made Mom’s Lasagna, prepared with Italian flour and fresh eggs, home-made Beef Bolognese sauce, cooked ham, buffalo mozzarella DOP, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and home-made besciamella.
一盤完整的自製媽媽烤寬麵條,用意大利麵粉和新鮮的雞蛋,自製肉醬牛肉,煮熟的火腿,水牛芝士DOP,帕馬森Reggiano DOP 芝士和自製的貝西米拉意式白醬製成

This cheesy, meaty lasagna make up many of the flavorful layers found in this family recipe favorite. My mom's lasagna is simply the best. The ultimate comfort food.

Freshly made on demand. No preservatives or chemicals.

Method: Reheat in oven for 5 minutes at 180 C or 240 seconds in microwave 900W (remove from tray for microwave)

Net Weight: 1.5kg - Portion for 6 large or 8 good servings
淨重:1.5公斤 - 可分配成6大份或8適中份量

Keep Refrigerated. To consume within 48 Hours

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