Soppressata of Cinta Senese DOP 500gr

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Soppressata of Cinta Senese 

Soppressata di Cinta Senese DOP or coppa di testa or testa in boxes, is produced exclusively with pork from Cinta Senese.

It is a particular cured meat born from the peasant tradition, it fully reflects the concept that nothing is thrown away from the pig. It is produced by boiling the head, rind and tongue, which after cooking for a few hours, is roughly beaten with a knife and seasoned with garlic, pepper and salt, to which untreated lemon zest is also added.

Then the whole thing is stuffed while still hot in special jute sacks, pressed so that the gelatine comes out through the pores of the fabric and is left to cool. 

The soppressata of the belt when cut has a light gray color, where the various lean and cartilage parts that compose it are clearly differentiated. The nose offers an intense aroma, linked to both the boiling and the elegance of the lemon, the taste is very savory, aromatic, spicy with fresh persistent citrus notes that leave an excellent final aftertaste.

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soppressata di cinta senese dop

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