Salami of Cinta Senese DOP 500gr
Salami of Cinta Senese DOP 500gr

Salami of Cinta Senese DOP 500gr

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Salami from Cinta Senese 

Salame di Cinta Senese DOP is a Tuscan salami based on pork from the breed of the same name raised in the semi-wild state. It is made with lean minced meat mixed with garlic, lard, spices and red wine.

Once sliced, Salame di Cinta Senese PDO shows a bright red color, medium grain, and soft texture. The lean part is compact and the fat extremely melting. It has an intense and sweet flavor.

The Cinta Senese is an ancient pig breed from the Sienese territory. It risked disappearing after the Second World War and owes its salvation to the passion of Tuscan farmers. These pigs need a lot of space and fresh air, they love to eat acorns, olives, chestnuts, tubers and berries.

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Cinta Senese DOP salami is produced with fine cuts of the “Cinta Senese DOP” pig. For the production of salami the shoulder and the trimming of the ham are used, to which small pieces of lard are added which give it greater softness and the classic consistency. Flavored with salt, ground pepper and grains and garlic, it is aged for 3/4 months in natural casing and sold in pieces of about 450 gr. Cinta Senese salami is characterized by intense aromas and a strong but at the same time delicate taste. Ideal in gastronomic combination with fresh figs and pecorino pdo from Tuscany fresh.

The manufacturing and curing process of the Cinta Senese salami is exactly the same as the traditional salami. Same natural ingredients and same flavors. The fat gives Cinta Senese pork to give this product a particular flavor and a natural softness for the palate.


The existence of one of the oldest animals in this area is evidenced by the famous fresco "Allegory and Effects of Good and Bad Government”By Ambrogio Lorenzetti of 1338, exhibited at the Town Hall of Siena. The Cinta Senese, unique of its kind, was introduced in this area and then spread rapidly thanks to its robustness.

IS a rustic pig of the Sienese hill, whose colors recall those of the city it belongs to, black and white. Later, the breed expanded to other areas of Tuscany such as Maremma and Valdarno. The name "cinta" derives from the white band that starts from the shoulders and ends on the front legs. It is a native breed with a fine sense of smell once owned by all peasant families.

Salumi di cinta senese dop vendita online

Today, many manufacturers are engaged in safeguarding this precious breed at risk of extinction and it is thanks to their work and food without preservatives, that we can always taste genuine and tasty meats and cured meats. The Cinta Senese has also received the DOP recognition.

Cinta Senese pigs are raised in the wild, and by eating only what they find in the woods, they develop unique characteristics, which is why our Cinta Senese DOP salami is so good.

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