Cinta Senese PDO ham aged 24 months Kg 8
Cinta Senese PDO ham aged 24 months Kg 8

Cinta Senese PDO ham aged 24 months Kg 8

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Cinta Senese Dop ham 

Prosciutto Crudo di Cinta Senese PDO is produced in the province of Siena from the meat of the homonymous breed raised in the semi-wild state. The skilful processing and salting respects not only the strict indications of the disciplinary but also the millenary Tuscan tradition.

After being “massaged” with a mixture of pepper, vinegar and garlic and covered with salt, the ham is seasoned with black pepper for 24 months. Once sliced, Prosciutto Crudo di Cinta Senese PDO shows a firm and brown-red meat, with evident marbling. The savory and decisive flavor reveals sweet notes of hazelnut and chestnut. It surprises especially with a slightly aromatic finish that brings with it an elegant fragrant vein.

Cinta Senese PDO Raw Ham is sold whole with trotters.

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The curing of the Cinta Senese PDO ham is carried out in appropriate rooms specially equipped to allow adequate air exchange at a controlled temperature for a period of time ranging from 18 to 24 months depending on the size of the product.

Processing techniques

The fresh thigh from "Cinta Senese DOP", skilfully trimmed, is massaged by expert hands and covered with the right amount of salt per piece combined with natural flavors according to an ancient recipe of the Tognetti family. The hams, placed on wooden boards, are left to rest to reach the right degree of salting and, after subsequent manipulations, the legs are hung in special cells that allow the product to dry gradually and progressively.
The muscle part not covered by skin is covered with lard, a mixture consisting mainly of pork fat; around 6 months, the ham is transferred to the factory's curing cells, where the particular environmental characteristics contribute to the appearance of the characteristic scent and flavor of the “cinta senese DOP” ham.
Prosciutto di cinta senese dop is the ham par excellence of Tuscany, a pride is a tradition of high Tuscan charcuterie, the scent of this raw ham you recognize from a distance, and when I cut it with a knife I feel the flavors and aromas even before you can savor the first slice, with that pink and fragrant fat that goes well with the flavor of the meat making me intoxicated by the genuine taste of this Tuscan specialty.

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The Cinta Senese is a native pig breed; has been bred in Italy since ancient times. In the past in the Tuscan territories it was a particularly precious animal, so much so that it is depicted in numerous works of art of the past, the most famous of which is the fresco by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in the Palazzo Pubblico in Siena. The painting dates back to the thirteenth century, and already at that time the artist testifies to the consideration that was attributed to this breed. Also used in the search for truffles for its exceptional flair. Its Cinta Senese PDO meats are tasty and firm, as these pigs are raised exclusively in the wild. The peculiarity of the marbling means that both preserved and fresh arrive on the table always tender and pleasant to the taste. They have always been considered the best among those of the Italian breeds. For a long time the breeding of Cinta Senese Pdo pigs has been decreasing, given the low profitability, in favor of mixed breeds and only a few years ago they have returned to vogue. today the best Tuscan butchers show it off in their shops. Excellent hams, delicious sausages and very tasty cold cuts are produced with the Cinta Senese meats. The use in the kitchen is wide, even the most valuable parts such as the loin are the protagonists of fantastic recipes

Recipe with Cinta Senese DOP   

Ingredients for four Cinta Senese Roast:

600 g. loin

1/3 liter of extra virgin olive oil

1 glass of red wine

1 clove of garlic

2 juniper berries

salt and pepper

Preparation Roast of Cinta Senese

In a saucepan, heat the oil and brown the loin, sprinkle with the wine and add the garlic and juniper berries. Cook the roast over low heat, in a covered pan, for at least forty minutes, after five minutes remove the clove of garlic and add salt and pepper. when cooked, remove the meat from the pan, if the cooking sauce is not enough, add more oil and wine and let it dry a little, so as to obtain a rather thick sauce. Serve accompanying the dish with potatoes and carrots stewed in a pan and herbs. 

 Data sheet

Cinta Senese raw ham -SITA100-

Origin: Italy Region: - Tuscany- Producer: IT 09 35 CE IT 1655 L CE 

General description of the product

The origins of this breed are very ancient and there are pictorial evidence that demonstrate the breeding of pigs similar to the current Cinta Senese since the Middle Ages. The most characteristic feature of this pig is the presence of a white belt, which gives the breed its name, on a coat that is black-slate in color. At risk of extinction in the immediate post-war period because it is less "heavy" than other pigs and due to the objective difficulties of breeding in the wild, it is today sent back to the passionate work of some farmers. The ham is recognized by its long and fine leg, the meat is firm and brown-red in color, the fat is ivory white or slightly pink. After a skilful processing and salting, it is aged for a period ranging from 15 to 20 months. The savory and decisive flavor surprises even the most refined palates for all its fragrance and elegance that give this ham a strong personality


Leg of pork from the Cinta Senese breed, salt, spices, flavorings. Preservatives: E252

Physical and organoleptic characteristics

 Production features:

Cut of meat: pork leg from Cinta Senese pigs.

After trimming the cut of meat, the salting phase is prepared by manual spreading of salt on the surface of the thigh and sent to the seasoning in the cell at controlled temperature and humidity until commercial ripening.

Organoleptic characteristics:

At the time of sale, the Cinta Senese ham does not show any surface mold.

When cut, the color of the meat is observed, distributed in the central part, not very intense red which depends on the curing time; the part of fat, distributed on the superficial part, remains white.

Sale: single thigh

Storage method and temperature: cool and dry place, after cutting, store in the fridge at + 2 ° C to + 6 ° C Shelf-life 12 months from delivery 

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