Tuscan Wild Boar Ham 4.5 Kg
Tuscan Wild Boar Ham 4.5 Kg

Tuscan Wild Boar Ham 4.5 Kg

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Wild Boar Ham 

Tuscan Wild Boar Ham - a Tuscan excellence with a strong and unmistakable flavor. This particular ham goes perfectly with red wines, craft beer, dried fruit and nuts.

The Tuscan Wild Boar Ham remains in brine for as many days as the kilos of its own weight. Each thigh generally weighs 4 to 6 kg. This is followed by the cold showering phase which removes excess salt. The result is a balanced product in terms of structure and fragrance, never too salty or too dry on the surface (“encrusted”, as one would say in the butcher's jargon).

The thin covering fat that distinguishes Tuscan Wild Boar Ham requires less salt than a pork leg because, given the leanness of the meat, the salt easily penetrates evenly.

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Tuscan Wild Boar Ham 

The desire to keep this process unchanged has led to the aging rooms being left completely natural, which still overlook an extraordinary row of hills today. The piedmont microclimate and the thin air of the Maremma allow to contain the thermal fluctuations throughout the year and to standardize this delicate phase. 
Depending on the time and the seasoning stage, the windows are closed, opened or ajar even many times a day: the rotation of the thighs is decided by sniffing the air of the rooms with the awareness of experience, as in the past.
Wild boar ham has on average a long seasoning (up to 9 months) which, together with the added salt and good processing practices, protects from the danger of contamination by pathogens (Salmonella difteritis is Listeria monocytogenes). In addition, the ubiquitous vegetative flora of the cells and curing rooms - mainly micrococcaceae and naturally selected lactic bacteria in (healthy) environments - acts as a barrier against surface mycotoxinogenic molds. In the end, only the seasoner decides which products to release for sale, after having felt and pointed each leg at the points deemed most critical.

The final result of such care is a soft Tuscan wild boar ham, with a compact and vermilion slice protected by a very white covering fat. In the mouth, due to chewing, aldehydes, ketones and nucleotides develop a storm of flavors upon contact with saliva: the strong and intense aroma that recalls the naturalness of wild scrub, that of dry or caramelized, the aroma of seasoned , dominant and concentrated mainly in the hamstring muscle (the innermost of the three muscles)

Prosciutto di cinghiale toscano vendita online

Curiosities of Wild Boar 

The absence of milk derivatives (caseinates primarily) and flours, together with the minimal presence of powdered microcomponents, protects from contamination by spores and the possibility of causing allergies in sensitive or intolerant consumers. It is as if the respect, knowledge and awareness of the Tuscan tradition once again resulted in a food which, despite being rustic, without the need for restoration or sophistication, is in itself modern and in step with today's safety requirements. Even from a nutritional point of view, wild boar ham is a winner: high content of amino acids, low humidity, high-melting lipid fraction with low cholesterol intake: in short, a source of protein that is easily used in the daily diet.

This product genuineness is not only to be understood as a niche specialty, inextricably linked to the Maremma territory, or worse, a gastronomic curiosity to be fancy food; it is a product that is in all respects certainly exclusive and authentic due to its strong link with the territory and culture of Tuscany. In contrast to the rampant globalization and the flattening of tastes and habits, wild boar ham is confirmed as a noble product in respect of typicality. At this point, all that remains is to congratulate the representatives of this artifact, because it seems that it has been successful.Our Tuscan Wild Boar Ham is available for sale online, Salumeria Toscana is the leader in the sale of Tuscan wild boar ham.

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