Cinta Senese PDO Raw Ham 24 Months 2Kg

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Cinta Senese ham

Prosciutto di Cinta Senese DOP is produced in the province of Siena from the meats of the homonymous breed reared in a semi-wild state. The skilful processing and salting respects not only the strict indications of the disciplinary but also the millenary Tuscan tradition.

The ham is aged for a period ranging from 18 to over 24 months. The slice of Prosciutto Crudo di Cinta Senese PDO has a firm and brown-red flesh, the fat is ivory white or slightly pink. The savory and decisive flavor reveals sweet notes of hazelnut and chestnut. It surprises especially with a slightly aromatic finish that brings with it an elegant fragrant vein.

Cinta Senese PDO Raw Ham is sold complete with zampone.

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Cinta Senese

 The Cinta Senese is an ancient rustic breed of fine pigs, which derives the name of the area of ​​origin, the hills of the Sienese territory, and was probably already bred in Roman times.

this breed with a dark coat is distinguished from other pigs by a characteristic white band that fastens the withers, the thorax, the shoulders and the front legs.

The first certain evidence of its presence dates back to the late Middle Ages when the painter Ambrogio Lorenzetti portrayed it in his own fresco of 1338. The Cinta has also been represented in paintings and frescoes from earlier periods from the 12th century.

The Cinta Senese was originally born in the wooded lands north of Siena, later the breed spread towards the Mugello and the Valdarno countryside and south towards the Maremma.

Currently these pigs are bred in almost all of Tuscany, in our case the pigs are raised in the wild, feeding on cereals produced in our company.

The breed has undergone greater knowledge and dissemination of its renowned meats, it is considered a valuable and unique breed, representing a further gastronomic excellence for Tuscany.

Cinta meats have excellent organoleptic qualities:

Meat succulence: it is redder and tastier than other pork.

This raw ham too it is placed in special food polystyrene boxes and then in our personalized cardboard box for shipping, so as to guarantee the right conservation during delivery


Cinta Senese ham is the hind limb consisting of the thigh and buttock of the pig including the leg. The thigh is initially massaged with a mixture of salt, pepper and crushed garlic and left covered for about twenty days at the end of which it is cleaned and prepared for seasoning which lasts for at least 14 months. Cinta Senese PDO cured ham is recognized for its elongated shape, for the non-convex aspect of the thigh and for the paw with evident black claws characteristic of the breed. The company brand is branded on the back.

The slice of Cinta Senese ham is distinguished by the right balance between the fat and lean part, which is linked more to the type of farming than to the breed. Animals living free in the woods do not deposit large fat masses.
The natural red color is intense and the characteristic marbling is evident which gives the product sapidity and taste.
The fat part has a white-pink color that after a few seconds from the cut turns to a diffuse and evident pink with a brightness deriving from the melting process of the polyinsauri fats present.

The scent of Cinta Senese PDO ham is intense and more pronounced in very seasoned hams. The best way to appreciate this product is to consume it as it is, having the foresight to slice it with a knife and to wait a few minutes to give the slice time to oxygenate and to unfold its full potential that manifests itself with an enveloping sensation of softness. immediate on the palate. We suggest a simple and quick recipe for a particular occasion that guarantees a sure success without a big time commitment.

The slice of Cinta Senese PDO raw ham is delivered vacuum-packed so as not to have problems with conservation.Salumeria Toscana specializes in the sale of typical Tuscan cured meats, and the Cinta Senese PDO raw ham is an excellence of the best Tuscan cured meats.

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