Lard from Cinta Senese DOP 500gr
Lard from Cinta Senese DOP 500gr

Lard from Cinta Senese DOP 500gr

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Cinta Senese lard

Lardo di Cinta Senese DOP - seasoned salami obtained from strips of fat from the back of Cinta Senese - the oldest pig in Italy and one of the oldest breeds in Europe.

This traditional, slightly pink salami has a smooth and velvety texture. Lardo di Cinta Senese DOP is distinguished by a delicate, almost sweet flavor, enriched by the aromatic herbs and spices used in the processing, and by a fragrant perfume. The peculiarity of Lardo di Cinta Senese DOP is the raw material used.

Outdoor farming and pig feeding give the lard an unmistakable quality and taste. The salting process takes place in brine, along with a blend of fresh spices - pepper, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, sage and rosemary. The salting and maturing process takes about 6 months.

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Cinta Senese lard is produced with the external part of the chest, including the rind, our Cinta Senese lard is subjected to salting with pepper and coarse salt and a mixture of spices for 180 days. With a creamy consistency, it has a smooth flavor and a milky white color with rare streaks of lean.

It should be emphasized that compared to the traditional lard of other breeds, Cinta Senese lard is richer in oleic acid, which keeps cholesterol away, and in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Thanks to larger cells rich in water, it is less consistent and more fluid, therefore much more pleasant on the palate; its better fluidity, due to a greater unsaturation, allows in the cured meats obtained, a more rapid diffusion of the aromas used for spicing, ensuring the product excellent aromatic characteristics.

This is due to the particular breeding and feeding conditions that also have positive effects on the flavor and succulence of the meat characterized by better dietary qualities than that of other pig breeds due to the higher concentration of unsaturated fatty acids, in particular of the Omega 3 series ( which are associated with a decrease in blood fats) and Omega 6 (antithrombosis action).

Cinta Senese lard dop

Useful information

Cinta Senese lard is an extremely versatile component in the kitchen, excellent for any occasion, either alone or combined with dishes to enhance its flavor. It is an absolute protagonist of the typical Tuscan salami platter characteristic of our lands, in this case we recommend consuming it on slices of hot toasted bread, sliced very thin. Cinta Senese lard is also excellent for the preparation of meat dishes, game, laid in slices on a chianina cut, to flavor roasts but also fish dishes, widely used with shellfish.

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