Cinta Senese DOP bacon 1,4Kg
Cinta Senese DOP bacon 1,4Kg

Cinta Senese DOP bacon 1,4Kg

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Cinta Senese DOP pork cheek 

Guanciale di Cinta Senese PDO is a cured meat obtained from the cheek of the pig of this native breed, crossed by lean muscle veins with a component of valuable fat.

It is very delicate and at the same time tasty, with an intense aroma. The quality of this pancetta is given by the excellent raw material, the Cinta Senese pork. This native breed, raised in Tuscany in the open air, is characterized, from an aesthetic point of view, by a dark coat on which the pink "belt" stands out.

Our Guanciale di Cinta Senese PDO is naturally air-dried, salted for 10 days, seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic, and after 3 months of curing it is ready to be consumed. The typical dark rind of Guanciale di Cinta Senese DOP contains a soft and tasty heart.

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Information and features

Cinta Senese DOP cheek lard with a unique appearance, with a compact white fat and strips of bright red lean. The raw material used, outdoor agriculture and food, give the product excellent quality and a unique flavor.

The pure Cinta Senese DOP pigs used, slaughtered between 12 and 16 months, until certification with the DOP.

The production of the Cinta Senese pillow includes a preparatory massage to remove residual blood, and a wash with hot vinegar, garlic and natural aromas. Subsequently, it is salted for 18 days with sea salt dosed in proportion to the weight of the piece.

Cinta Senese pork cheek dop sale of Cinta Senese cured meats

The bacon is then desalted and left to rest for about two weeks at a temperature of 5/6 ° C and a relative humidity of around 60%. Immediately after resting, the bacon is covered with finely ground pepper. From here begins the actual seasoning at a temperature of 14/16 ° C with a humidity of around 72/75% for about 3 months

The guanciale of Cinta Senese is excellent tasted raw and cut very thinly for bruschetta but above all to flavor some dishes of our Tuscan cuisine.

In fact, it is widely used for the preparation of traditional Italian first courses such as amatriciana and carbonara as well as gricia. The whole Cinta Senese bacon weighs about 1,500 kg.


This bacon produced by Cinned Sienese pigs, recognizable by the typical black coat crossed by a white "belt", is made up of the fleshy part Obtained from the cheek (cheek) of selected girdled pigs, recognizable by the typical black mantle crossed by a white "belt". The guanciale of Cinta Senese is made up of the fleshy part of the pig's cheek which after a "massage" with a mixture of salt, pepper, vinegar and crushed garlic, is kept for 15 days in coarse salt, then cleaned, salted again and flavored with ground black pepper. When cut, it shows bands of lean pink interspersed with fat. It can be eaten plain, sliced thinly or just heated and then placed on slices of tasteless bread. Its true vocation, however, is to finish in sauces, thanks to its gustatory balance the guanciale of cinta senese is also used in the kitchen with crustaceans, to stuff pork loins and to flavor and soften many meats.

However it remains excellent when tasted raw, it really melts in the mouth and its aromas are unmistakable.

Buy the Cinta Senese guanciale now, treat yourself to one of the most sought-after Tuscan cold cuts, you can combine this salami with pecorino di pienza, an all-Sienese combination.

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