Salami with fennel Cinta Senese DOP 500gr

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Salami with Cinta Senese PDO fennel

Cinta Senese salami with fennel - the queen of Tuscan cured meats - is an excellence that embodies the secret of the knowledge and flavors of the Tuscan tradition and territory.

It has a cylindrical shape, soft texture, and an unmistakable scent.

Finocchiona di Cinta Senese stands out for its flavor and aromas thanks to the aroma of fennel, used in seeds and / or flowers in the dough. In the mouth it opens with fresh and aromatic flavors accompanied by very special creamy sensations.

Serve the Finocchiona di Cinta Senese on your table with some Tuscan bread and you will amaze your friends with a salami with a fresh and appetizing flavor, which has no equal in the world.

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To produce Cinta Senese finocchiona, selected cuts of Cinta Senese pork are used, and for the processing of Finocchiona IGP they are: boned and defatted shoulder, ham trimmings, traculo, throats, lean bacon and throat, coppa meat , bacon and pancettone.

The finocchiona of cinta senese is produced thanks to a balanced ratio between fatty meat and lean meat, minced together and mixed with fennel seeds. This combination gives life to one of the most loved Tuscan cold cuts, with a soft consistency, strong taste and a scent of fennel.

To produce an excellent Cinta Senese finocchiona, salt, ground pepper, peppercorns, garlic, seeds and / or fennel flowers are added. The pork meat thus prepared is cut into pieces and passed through a meat grinder to be mixed.

Subsequently, the mixture is stuffed into casings, natural or glued and tied with string or using nets made with natural materials. The size of the Finocchiona must not be less than 0.5 kg.

To complete the production of the finocchiona, drying is carried out - a phase during which the most marked dehydration process occurs - in environments with a temperature between 11 and 24 ° C.

After that the finocchiona passes to the maturing phase which is carried out at temperatures between 11 and 18 ° C and a relative humidity between 65 and 90%, for a period that varies, based on weight, from 15 to 45 days.


The Cinta Senese Finocchiona PGI as per Tuscan tradition has a cylindrical shape and soft consistency. The fat and the lean, of medium-coarse grain, do not have well-defined boundaries and the small pieces of fat appear naturally distributed, creating a balance that makes the finocchiona one of the most sought-after Tuscan cured meats, and leaving the salami soft even after a long seasoning.

finocchiona di cinta senese dop vendita salumi cinta senese online

The color of the finocchiona varies from the flesh-red of the lean parts to the white / pink-white of the fat parts, with possible evidence of fennel seeds and flowers.

The flavor is fresh and appetizing, never acidic, with the characteristic aroma of fennel and a slight hint of garlic, which is balanced by the fat of the Cinta Senese.

The main feature of Cinta Senese meat is a meat characterized by a fat savory well distributed, and characterized by a complexion bright red greater than that of other pork and a aroma more rich is complex.


Cinta Senese Finocchiona is kept, like almost all Tuscan cured meats, in a cool place or in the refrigerator, covering the cutting surface with a cloth, to maintain the characteristics of freshness and softness of the dough. The Cinta Senese Finocchiona goes well with Tuscan "silly" bread, prepared without salt, which allows you to fully appreciate the aroma of fennel, but is also excellent with focaccia and with salted flatbreads, accompanied by cooked or pickled vegetables and cheese Pecorino Toscano DOP.

Finocchiona can also be used to make tartare, sauces or as a main element in salads, and its natural combination is with fresh fennel. It cannot be missing from local red wines, bringing freshness and unmistakable aromas to the palate.

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