Gran Biscotto Gourmet Cooked Ham - 100 Grams

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Gran Biscotto Gourmet Cooked Ham - the finest cooked ham in the Gastronomia line.
Gran Biscotto Gourmet 熟火腿 - (Gastronomia) 美食學系列中最好的熟火腿

The Gran Biscotto recipe has remained unchanged for over 30 years. Flavored with a secret blend of aromas and spices and massaged up to 72 hours, Gran Biscotto is slowly steamed for 12 hours and lastly left to rest for up to 4 weeks. This is how we get that exclusive taste, fragrance and consistency.
Gran Biscotto配方在30多年來一直保持不變。 Gran Biscotto 充滿香氣和香料的秘密調合,經過長達72小時的揉擦,緩慢蒸煮12小時,最後靜置長達4週。這就是我們獲得獨特味道,香味和稠度的方式

The taste is classic and exclusive. The fat layer is just right, not too thick and not too thin. Gran Biscotto has a distinct taste with an unrivalled flavour and unique fragrance. An Italian original! The Gran Biscotto is considered the best cooked ham in Italy.
味道經典而獨特。脂肪層恰到好處,不要太厚也不太薄。 Gran Biscotto 具有獨特的口味,無與倫比的風味和獨特的香氣。意大利原版! Gran Biscotto 被認為是意大利最好的熟火腿

Approximately 5-6 pieces per serving

Keep refrigerated. To consume in max 48 hours after sliced.

Please note: Each serving is base on grams, items may not be calculated in quantity
請注意: 每份都是以克為基礎,產品可能不會以數量計算

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