Fiorentina Chianina IGT Beef 1kg - 40 Days Dry Aged, Tuscany

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Chianina is the most known name for the Dwarf Calf of the Central Apennine, the authentic beef used in Florence and the whole Tuscany for Fiorentina.

The ideal dry aging process for the meats is 40 days to smooth fibers and present it when best matured. Evaporation shrinks the beef, concentrating its flavor as it softens the meat. Additionally, the proteins and fats go through a transformation as well. The result is superb beef with an extraordinarily rich flavor and buttery texture.

Net Weight 1kg approximately, ready to grill. Ideal for 2 to 4 people.
淨重約1.2公斤,可隨時燒烤烹調。 2至4人的理想選擇

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