Cocktails Delivery

Hand Made Cocktails Delivered to Your Door Special Lockdown Promotion 60% Off

讓你輕鬆在家無憂享用 Aperitivo 時光
Missing the Aperitivo and want to have it at home with no hassle? Here we are.

Buy Italian and International cocktails, hand made in our bars and delivered to your door with ice beside. Just pour into the paper cup we provide you with ice or choose a nice glass from your kitchen.

Here the list

Spritz (Prosecco & Aperol Soda) $63
Sweezt (Moscato & Aperol) $63
Negroni (Campari, Red Martini & Gin) $83
Americano (Campari, Red Martini & Soda) $73
Vodka Stolichnaya & Lemon $83
Beaefeater Gin & Schweppes Tonic $83
Long Island $88
Jack Daniel Whiskey & Coke $88

Order you cocktail party now together with dinner ready food and groceries and get delivered to your door in max 120 minutes with delivery free of charge for order of $188 or more.

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