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Ready Food & Wine Delivery Special Promotion Up To 60% Off

Delivery free of charge all across Hong Kong for orders over $188

本店A La Carte自選餐牌所有菜式及獨特的意大利藝匠葡萄酒均可送貨上門,享低至四折優惠
Enjoy up to 60% off on our whole Al Carte Menu delivered to your door together with our unique Italian Artisan Wines.

Some examples? Here we go.

蕃茄羅勒水牛芝士薄餅 10” $78
卡邦尼意粉  $88
五種芝士薄餅  $98
冷切肉及芝士拼盤  $104
意大利芝士漢堡  $68

Pizza Margherita 10” $78
Spaghetti Carbonara $88
5 Cheeses Pizza $98
Cold Cuts & Cheeses $104
The Italian Cheeseburger $68

And many, many more.